Navy Complete Collection Kit


Adopt Pia and get the entire Love Wellness Collection with her at great savings!

If you've ever struggled with common infections or irritations or are simply interested in maintaining good vibes down there, Pia's Complete Collection is for you.  You get everything you need to erase tricky infections, create a great environment for good vaginal health in the gut (if your gut bacteria numbers are good then chances are they'll be good in the vagina as well), break down yeast at the cellular level, and clean up on the go without disrupting pH levels.  Plus, Pia is a great pal to carry around.


Product Details:

The Killer: 14 suppositories/bottle

Good Girl Probiotics: 60 probiotics/bottle

Perfect Condition Vitamin: 30 vitamins/bottle

pH Balancing Cleanser: 1 Bottle

Do It All Wipes: 15 wipes

Blue Tea: 1 bag

Pia: 1 Navy Kitty Bag

Pia Dimensions: 3" W x 9" L x 7" H

$169.00 $99.00
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