if you're exposed to environmental elements like sweaty workout clothes, tampons, laundry detergent, semen, and all kinds of other stuff, you may find yourself feeling "off" from time to time.

when this happens, all it means is that your vaginal microbiome (good, organic bacteria) has been compromised, causing a shift in your natural pH levels. that shift invites infections and irritations, and that's where we step in. 

the first line of defense are our Infection Erasers, including The Killer, our best-selling boric acid suppositories that are pH balancing miracle workers. 

to help heal, add Good Girl Probiotics formulated with the same bacteria that's organic to the vagina, and Perfect Condition Vitamins full of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

when it's time to get cleaned up, not only are our Do It All Wipes and Cleanser pH balanced for your protection, they're also 100% natural.

our products are formulated to address and fix the root causes of infections and irritations (unlike most drugstore brands that simply mask symptoms). they work together to create consistent balance and harmony down there. what could be better than that?