Oh, Hey!

So you're part of the Love Wellness team now! Super rad - we're so excited to have you on board. Starting the conversation about LW with your friends, moms, sisters, daughters, and referrals doesn't have to be hard or feel embarrassing. The only thing you need is a positive sense of self, and the rest will come quite easily. And don't forget, give your gals 15% off their first purchase by providing them with code TAKE15 when you reach out!

When talking about Love Wellness, here are a few conversation starters that work for us and may work for you too:

  • "Hey, girl! So I'm really into this new wellness company for women. Their products are natural and doctor-recommended and they're all about spreading a positive message about women's health. I haven't seen anything like this before and I love their product line. I think you'll absolutely love it."
  • "I think I've found what you've been looking for (for down there). This new wellness company has created a natural product line that addresses and treats the root causes of yeast infections and BV. Their products have been life-saving for me, so wanted to share the love."
  • "I know you're all about women's health and body-positivity. Do you know about Love Wellness? You'll want to get into what they're doing! I've tried their (product X) and I absolutely love it."
  • "So, I know we don't talk about this a lot but let's just get right to the point. I had a little vagina issue recently but I found an amazing, natural product line that worked really well for me. I'm so blown away I just had to share."

Important Facts to Note:

  • Love Wellness is a female founded company and run by women.
  • Love Wellness puts a priority on natural ingredients.
  • Love Wellness is doctor-recommended!
  • Love Wellness products work well individually, but have been created to be used with one another for best results.
  • Love Wellness' best selling product is "The Killer" - a doctor-recommended pure boric acid suppository that quickly relieves women of yeast and BV infections.

Want some references to share as well?

Thanks again for supporting Love Wellness and our women's health initiative. If you have any questions please email us at contact@lovewellness.co.