A Note From The Founder

As a woman who has suffered from tricky feminine health issues, creating Love Wellness has been a personal goal of mine for some time.  Up until now, maintaining good feminine health hasn’t been a straightforward endeavor due to a lack of resources available - from educational materials to clean, natural products formulated to specifically address a woman’s unique biology. 

Love Wellness is here to change the status quo for good, driven by a personal mission to gain control over my body and health. We’ve created issue-specific, high-quality formulations made from natural ingredients that relieve women of infections like yeast and BV, and go a step further to address the root causes behind the most common issues women face. 

Developed to work together, the Love Wellness line erases infections, cleanses without disrupting pH, and delivers superior probiotics and nutrients that help to maintain feminine wellness.  Our products are simple, safe, natural, and doctor recommended.  Best of all?  They actually work. 

Our team is small and our resources limited - we appreciate all the support and love you have to give! 

With health and happiness in mind,

Lauren (p.s. that's me down there)