Why We're Doing This...

Why We're Doing This...

Well, Hello!

I'm so excited to finally welcome you to Love Wellness, our new line of feminine wellness, hygiene, and health products.  I hope you're digging this concept as much as we are and we're always open to thoughts and feedback on how to do it better.

Launching a business is never easy and I hope we've done everything we possibly can to make welcoming you to our line of products as simple + easy as possible.  Our team would literally LOVE to chat with you so if you have any thoughts just shoot us a note right here.

When I talk about the brand with women I know and are getting to know, they all want to know how Love Wellness came to be. Truth be told, I've been searching for the right thing for me for some time now.  I love running TheLoDown.com but as an entrepreneur at heart I'm constantly creating, thinking, and searching.  I simply cannot sit still for long.

I've always wished that high-quality, natural products for feminine health were available and affordable.  They just don't exist (until now).  At all.  As a lady with bad plumbing, just enough personal savings to get my concept off the ground, and a white space in the market, I figured....why not JUST DO IT myself.

I've been working on Love Wellness since May 2016.  The past few months have flown by, I've experienced a ton of ups and downs along the way, learned a ton about how to create and operate an ecommerce business and I continue to learn more everyday.  I really enjoy being a student in the Infinite School of Knowledge.

The official quote I give to the media about "what" and "why" and "who" and "how" is below, and since it's a pretty clear statement I figured it would be a great way to share with you in more detail just why it is were doing this....

What, Why, Who, How

"As a woman who has suffered from tricky feminine health issues, creating Love Wellness has been a personal goal of mine for some time.  Up until now, maintaining good feminine health hasn’t been a straightforward endeavor due to a lack of resources available - from educational materials to clean, natural products formulated to specifically address a woman’s unique biology.

Love Wellness is here to change the status quo for good, driven by a personal mission to gain control over my body and health. We’ve created issue-specific, high-quality formulations made from natural ingredients that relieve women of infections like yeast and BV, and go a step further to address the root causes behind the most common issues women face.

Delivered in a system of steps, the Love Wellness line erases infections, cleanses without disrupting pH, delivers superior probiotics and nutrients that help to maintain feminine wellness, and allows women to get intimate without worrying about harsh topicals disrupting their natural environment.  Our products are simple, safe, natural, and doctor recommended.  Best of all?  They actually work."

Thanks for all the support,