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So what's the buzz about pH actually about?

At Love Wellness we've been obsessed with pH levels since the beginning of time, so we're pretty tickled to see them getting the attention they deserve (finally). An issue we've noticed however is that while everyone buzzes about pH levels, they may not do a great job of explaining why they're so important, especially when it comes to women's health. Today we're de-coding vaginal pH from top to bottom, from the proper range to how pH levels are maintained. Let's break it down so you can spread the good word along with us!

Bottom line, when it comes to the pH of your vagina, you want it between 3.8 - 4.2 (which is acidic). 


Why Between 3.8 and 4.2?

The acidic environment of your vagina functions as a natural barrier to infection and irritation because it stops the growth of bad, infection-causing bacteria that love to party in less acidic environments. 

How Do Good Bacteria Play a Role Here?

Good bacteria that occur naturally in the vaginal microbiome create the right environment for perfect pH levels. When you're healthy, these friendly bacteria regulate themselves at the right levels, but when your bacteria are out of whack (due to all kinds of health issues - even the food you eat), your body creates an open invitation for imbalances to occur. Good amounts of friendly bacteria in the vagina keep your pH in the right zone, keeping you healthy as well!

Where Do We Come In?

At Love Wellness, we've always approached women's health from the inside out because we know that the gut is the home of the immune system, and when things are off in there the rest of your body can suffer. When you have good levels of friendly bacteria in your gut, you're likely to have good levels of friendly bacteria in your vagina too.


So, how can you achieve or maintain good bacteria levels in your gut and vagina? With our Good Girl Probiotic! Our formula is thoughtfully made just for women's health with 12 strains of good vaginal bacteria. These magical little probiotics directly affect your pH levels by keeping your good vaginal bacteria in check (because now we know that good things happening in the stomach mean good things happening down south). That means if you're prone to infection, our friendly bugs may help heal and ease symptoms. If you're one of the lucky few that don't suffer from common infections like yeast and BV, our Good Girl Probiotic help to keep it that way! :) Pretty cool, right?
If you want to watch a handy video to learn more about our Good Girl Probiotic and pH levels, it's just down below! If you're at work, you may want to put your earbuds in ;)


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